Trip to Warehouse Cinemas


Caitlynn Hudgins, Staff Reporter

If you are looking to see a movie in a theater, look no further than Warehouse Cinemas in Frederick. 

Level 5 students had the opportunity to visit this movie theater on Nov. 21 to see a Christmas movie called “Spirited,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.

The 15 kids who attended the field trip included: Jennifer Dominguez, Chase Swagger, Ray Swidarski, Matt Folkerts, Dallas Mullis, Connor DiAngelo, Stephanie Gibson, Sara Bean, Kylie Shubert, Declan Wilson, Ashton Ford, Kaylin Rock, Austin Gardner, Angel Merryman, and last but not least, myself. 

The theater was really nice, had good service and it was huge inside. There were very few people in the theater, probably because of the time of day it was. 

After a bit of waiting time, we were finally ready to head to our seats. We had two rows of seats from which to choose, and everyone got to pick their own seat which reclined and was heated! They also had these moving trays which I thought were pretty cool. 

The movie itself was based on “A Christmas Carol” and it was also a musical which I was not expecting. Some people may disagree, but I rate the movie a 7 out of 10, but that’s just my opinion.

Overall, the experience was really good for a movie theater field trip and I would definitely do it again.