Incentives are Back!


Logan Reinholt, Staff Reporter

Incentives are back to encourage in-person students to have successful days and bring back their behavior reports (BRs) signed daily. 

The Incentive Committee, led by Mrs. Ricketts, decided to bring back incentives because students are back in the building five days a week and wanted them to have something fun to work towards. 

The incentives are: 

Level 1: Bag of candy

Level 2: Ice cream sandwich from Hoffman’s

Level 3: Griffin coupon with your name to be placed in a drawing for Chick-fil-a sandwich

Level 4: Breakfast sandwich (made by SGA)

Level 5: Field trip (walking to Hoffman’s to get ice cream)*

*The field trip had to be replaced last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Mrs. Reed stepped up and had a fabulous pizza and ice cream party in her room for level 5 students on April 23, 2020.