2020-2021 Staff

Gloria Walker-Hoover

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Gloria and I’m a junior in high school. What I like to do for fun is learn more and watch videos. 

Riece Baldwin

Staff Reporter

Hey, my name is Riece, and I am 16 and a sophomore at Gateway School (and SCHS). This will be my last year attending Gateway, and I really want to get some articles out there before I  leave. I'm going to be returning to Sout...

Abigail Kirby

Staff Reporter

I’m Abigail Kirby, I’m in 11th grade. My interests are cosmetology, animals, and constellations. My life goals are to graduate high school and go into the United States Air Force. While in the USAF, I plan to get my degree i...

Abby Schaeffer

Staff Reporter

My name is Abby and I am a 12th grader. I’ve been apart of the newspaper crew now for about two years and I love it. I like listening to music, journaling, and cleaning. One of my life goals would be able to graduate high school...

B. Borden

Staff Reporter

This is my second year attending Gateway School and I'm a sophomore this year. I have a huge passion for anything related to music, including listening to it and even making some of my own. I also love skateboarding and making n...

Leo Updike

Staff Reporter

I'm Leo, a 17-year-old senior at Gateway School and this is my second year on the Newspaper Production staff. I enjoy taking excruciatingly lengthy walks, blasting deathrock, and being the only funny person that has ever exis...