How to Train a Raptor


Sakura Dash expertly handles a bird of prey

Kollin Bray, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Ricketts’ Experiential Education class went to Outdoor School to learn how to handle birds of prey and learn about conservation.

There were a lot of memorable moments during the raptor training and they learned so much about how to handle birds of prey. Sakura Dash said, “It was awesome, very informative, and it really taught us how to hold the birds safely.” 

While the students were holding the birds they had to wear a special leather glove so that the bird talons wouldn’t hurt anyone. During the training all of the necessary safety procedures were followed to keep the students and the birds safe.

All of the birds the students handled had names: Ranger the red tail hawk, Spike the barred owl, and Murray the screech owl. Ranger ended up pooping and throwing up a pellet while one of the students was handling him, which made for quite a memorable experience.

Mary Ripper expertly handles a bird of prey
Kolby Ford expertly handles a bird of prey