Students Take Charge of the Future with a Visit to CCC


Kay Pahl, Staff Reporter

With adulthood quickly approaching, it’s time for students to seriously think about their futures. Seniors who expressed interest in going to college took a field trip down the road to Carroll Community College (CCC) on Oct. 4. After walking down to the college they were introduced to the administration team and their speaker, Lara Truitt. 

Once they were escorted to the lecture hall, students were presented with the admissions process, information on scholarships, as well as placement testing. Along with academic classes, there are also many extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and organizations.

Most students who attended the field trip plan to take advantage of CCC to find their path if they don’t already know what they want to major in. Elijah Crouse said, “because of their smaller classes and great support system it is a lot easier to figure out what I want to major in.”

CCC has an abundance of opportunities for students to take control of their career and future lifestyle. Brandi Borgaard stated that, “it makes me a little nervous to think that I might possibly make the wrong career choice and end up wasting my time on something I’m not interested in.” Thankfully, CCC has opportunities where you are eligible to shadow a class that you might be on the fence about. 

With all of this in mind, CCC is a great fit for those who either want to jump right into their field, or those who still need to find it. Whatever the case may be, this school has the proper tools and guidance to lead you to victory in your future.