Gas, Gas, Gas


Owen Battista, Staff Reporter

Have you wondered why gas prices have increased so rapidly recently? Recent events are the primary causes of the skyrocketing oil prices; however big oil is being greedy and not helping either.

As you may already know, Russia has launched a military assault on Ukraine. Many countries, including the U.S., have responded by boycotting Russian goods and oil. The problem with that is Russia is the third-largest oil contributor to the world. This naturally caused oil prices to increase due to supply and demand.

Big oil companies are contributing greatly as well, taking full advantage of the situation to keep prices high and make a profit.

Many states including Maryland have temporarily reduced or stopped the fuel tax to provide relief. However, if this keeps up long term a more permanent solution may need to be put in place such as alternative fuel sources or negotiations with big oil companies.

There are things you can do on your own though such as driving less, driving fuel-efficient/electric vehicles, or using alternative transportation. There is little that can be done in terms of the drastic change needed, but we are not completely helpless.