Gateway: Misunderstood but a Great Place to Be Yourself


Karlyn Crump, Staff Reporter

Gateway is a school dedicated to helping students achieve. Many students who attend this school have anxiety or behavior issues and may not fit in at their home schools for whatever reason. But is Gateway really as bad as they say it is?

Gateway is full of great people who are willing to help. You can even ask the staff and they will say it too. No matter if you are a new teacher or a student, the staff are very helpful and kind. The place gives off welcoming and safe energy to succeed.

The classroom sizes are smaller than in normal schools which helps with learning and makes it easier to focus on learning and move more quickly. As an added bonus, the teachers can get to know their students on a more personal level.

Students here are nice, funny, and smart. They are all different in a good way and most are welcoming. They make it easy to be yourself and will accept you for who you are.

Overall, Gateway is very helpful to many different types of students. It has helped me so much and I really do think if it can help me it can help anyone. It can’t hurt to give the school a chance. Welcome to Gateway.