The New eSports League


Ray Swidarski, Staff Reporter

This year, Gateway/Crossroads created an eSports team, where a group of students competes with other schools in online games such as “Rocket League.”

This school year, for the first time, several Gateway students joined together to form a team. They meet during Flex and practice with each other, mostly on the game “Rocket League,” an online game where people play something similar to soccer only with cars instead of humans. The team seems to get along well with each other, and their cooperation is exceptional as well.

Gateway has been crushing their opponents, showing their teamwork and skills. Their current record is 3-0 and they are currently in the playoffs. 

Good luck, team! You make our school proud!


Members of the eSports team include:

  • Vince Bach
  • Haven Coughenour
  • Matt Folkerts
  • Zach Hooper
  • Max McConnell
  • Mr. Schilling (coach)
  • Tyler Williams
  • Ryan Willman
  • Connor Yaede