Lindsay the Great


Owen Battista, Staff Reporter

Lindsay Rebuck is a substance abuse counselor here at Gateway and is devoted to helping others.

Before working at Gateway, Ms. Lindsay (as this is what she prefers to be called) grew up in Chambersburg, Pa. with her two brothers and parents. She remembers it being rural, however, it’s turned into a more urban area now. Ms. Lindsay enjoyed fishing, hunting, and building forts with her brothers who she always looked up to. She played basketball and soccer as a kid and was a tri-sport athlete at Chambersburg¬† High School. Ms. Lindsay didn’t really have time to do “bad” things in high school because she was playing sports, but on her high school color day, she teepeed and forked someone’s yard.

Ms. Lindsay attended¬† Lockhaven College in Pa. where she focused on DNA science trying to follow in one of her brothers’ footsteps who is a higher-up in a pharmaceutical company tasked with developing vaccines. But she realized that she wasn’t a “science person” and decided to pursue social work at Western New Mexico University.

After working as a Child Protective Services advocate, Ms. Lindsay decided she liked that she could stick up for needy kids. Afterward, she decided to make a little bit of a change and work on domestic violence cases, but it just didn’t sit right with her, and realized she was meant to work with kids.

Ms. Lindsay took a job in the BEST program at Robert Moton Elementary School and then was placed at Gateway when the original substance abuse counselor went on maternity leave. The last counselor did not return from leave, so now she is the official substance abuse counselor working here.

She really enjoys the students’ humor, our good hearts, and finds children interesting and wants to help them.

On a personal note, Ms. Lindsay has multiple tattoos that she talked about during the interview. One was of a sewing machine in honor of her grandmother because she liked sewing and said she cared a lot for her grandma.¬† She has a Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo because she loves the movie along with an Aries tattoo for her zodiac sign. She’s been married to her husband for three years and has three dogs: Keema the Police Dog, Hank the Husky, and Kimber the Belgian Shepherd Puppy.

Ms. Lindsay is a stand up citizen and with a big heart. Her services are appreciated by many and I’m sure she will continue doing what she loves: helping the youth. We can only hope Ms. Lindsay will continue to bless the world with her services.