Mr. Keith: A Special Educator


Karlyn Crump, Staff Reporter

Mr. Keith, a special education teacher, works with middle school students at Crossroads Middle School with math or anything they need help with in class to do better. Even though he is only here on Mondays and Fridays, he’s able to help a lot of kids with work and sometimes he even helps high school students.

In addition to working here, he also works with middle school students at West Middle. He enjoys working with middle school students the best, but he is open to working with other grades. He’s happy to work at both schools and doesn’t have a favorite.

His job is fun for him but he is looking forward to and is excited to become a physical education (PE) teacher next year at West Middle School. He had worked as one before at a different school before he began focusing on special education.

He likes to work with kids one on one in the classroom or outside if needed and enjoys seeing the difference he is able to make in their lives.

Overall, Mr. Keith has been a great help to the middle school students at Crossroads and we were happy to have him this year, but wish him good luck with being a PE teacher.