Mrs. Worldwide


Garrett Fowble, Staff Reporter

One of the new teachers at Gateway, Mrs. Johengen, originally from New York, appears to have some impressive achievements.

As a young child, she aspired to be an astronaut; however, since she was never pushed or encouraged to join the Air Force, she eventually lost interest. So she took a program to study abroad in Denmark for education classes to become a teacher.

Mrs. Johengen has quite a few travel goals and achievements. She has been to Costa Rica, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, and England. She plans to travel more. As of now, her favorite place to travel to has been Iceland, because “it was so beautiful and so different,” she said.

Mrs. Johengen has put down roots in Carroll County and eased up on traveling during the school year. She now has a dog named Benji, two cats named Major and Razzle, and two kids. She is also a very active Girl Scout leader who snowboards, skis, and even does music lessons.

Gateway is lucky to have Mrs. Johengen as a part of the staff here, as she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and unique experiences.