Staff Demolish Students in Flag Football Game


Amber Fisher, Staff Reporter

The sun was blinding and it was a fairly nice day with a slight breeze–Nov. 22 ended up being a good day to have the semi-annual staff vs. student flag football game.

Those who were not playing in the game found it a little difficult to pay attention to the game (on account of the sun and other reasons) but were happy to be out of class. 

The game itself consisted of the staff absolutely demolishing the students. They did spin moves, flips, and Ms. Pickett even broke her pinky finger giving it her all on the field.

In Mrs. Ricketts’ words, they “smooshed [the students] into the ground like little bugs.”

Two students also reported that the game lacked communication and only a certain group of students were thrown the ball throughout the whole game.

The day concluded with the staff winning once again with a score of 65-35.