“Spirited” Will Not Lift Your Spirits


Kaylin Rock, Staff Reporter

Have you ever seen a movie so disappointing that you wanted to leave the cinema before even 30 minutes had passed? For me, that movie was “Spirited.” Even Ryan Reynolds couldn’t make this movie better.

“Spirited” is “A Christmas Carol” inspired movie. If you don’t know what “A Christmas Carol” is, here is a short summary: The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is a very mean person and is visited by three ghosts during the night of Christmas Eve (Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Be). Their goal is to change Scrooge for the better or else he will be carrying heavy chains in his afterlife, just like his friend, Jacob Marley. 

In the movie “Spirited,” Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Clinton (this movie’s version of Scrooge) and Will Ferrell plays the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

The movie begins with some sort of plot. The main characters are introduced through song. Did I mention that this is a musical? Now, I like musicals, but only when they are done properly. The songs should advance the plot. In “Spirited,” the songs either stop the plot or turn it backward. It was inconsistent.

There were many confusing moments and unsureness of where the plot was during the movie. It seemed like the plot was basically, “Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, haha, funny people.” There can be comedy in a film and it still ends as a good movie, but not when that is all the movie is.

There were still some pretty moments. Spirited is a comedy after all, and it played heavily into that part. But overall, I’d give this movie a 4 out of 10, but if Ryan Reynolds was not in it, a 2 out of 10.