Vote for your Favorite Teachers!


Kaylin Rock, Staff Reporter

The deadline to nominate a teacher for the Outstanding Teacher Awards is around the corner!

The Outstanding Teacher Awards represent everyone in the Carroll County Public School System who shows great excellence in teaching. The nominated teachers will be announced during the Chamber of Commerce’s Award Program on March 29, 2023, when eight finalists will be named for the Carroll County Teacher of the Year Award.

Teachers who tend to be nominated are, obviously, the most impactful and are generally the ones most liked by students and staff. They are friendly, funny, understanding, and amazing at their job. Anyone can nominate an outstanding teacher and can nominate as many teachers as they want. The process to nominate a teacher takes only a few minutes! It is short and easy.

If you want to nominate a teacher, you must first go to Award Nominations. Then, you follow the instructions from the link and nominate your teacher. After submitting a form, it will be the teacher’s job to complete a brief biography form (if they don’t, they will not be considered for the award). 

If you have any more questions, contact the CCPS Communications Office at: [email protected] or 410-751-3020.