The Retirement of the Man, the Myth, the Legend: Mr. Danaher


The secret is out! Mr. Danaher is retiring at the end of this quarter!

That’s right, Mr. Danaher is retiring. After over 27 years of teaching and over 50 years of work altogether, he has made the decision to retire. Mr. Danaher wore many hats throughout the years: he was a soldier in the Army, a police officer, a beer truck delivery man, and finally a teacher.

Mr. Danaher had enjoyed teaching all these years and he said that he will definitely miss the teachers and the interactions with students the most. Mr. Danaher loved helping students who were not college-bound get good-paying jobs and succeed in life. 

Even though Mr. Danaher is retiring, he’s not sad, rather he is quite happy and feels good about it! He deserved to retire, especially after working for so many years. He will still be doing things to keep busy like being a referee for soccer on weekends and evenings and he will continue to sell real estate. He is really looking forward to spending more time with his family and doing more of the things he enjoys.

All the staff in the school knew about Mr. Danaher’s retirement, but not as many students. Mr. Danaher didn’t tell all of the students because he didn’t want them to have something else to worry about. Mr. Larrimore inadvertently let it slip in some of his conversations with students (oops!). But, now everyone knows!

Mr. Danaher’s infectious humor and professionalism will definitely be missed.

Mr. Wetzel said, “Mr. Danaher has been a mainstay at Gateway since 1996. Over the course of 27 years, he has taught at least 10 subject areas in two different buildings at the middle school and high school levels. His dedication to our school and his sense of humor will be missed by all. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he gets some much-deserved rest and relaxation during his retirement.” 

Happy retirement, Mr. Danaher!