Gateway’s Bowling Team is on a Roll


Caitlynn Hudgins, Staff Reporter

Gateway has won their first two matches!

On Dec. 9, Gateway went head-to-head with Century High School. The score was 109 to 78. The coach, Mrs. Mackie, was pleasantly surprised with the win as the team did not have a chance to practice beforehand. During that entire match, the team had a total of 12 strikes, and Ben Cumby had the highest score of 150.

Gateway bowled another match on Jan. 12 against Liberty High School that they won as well 98 to 87. The team bowled very well, and so did the others! The time went by very fast.

The scores for the most recent match on Jan. 19 against Winters Mill High School have not been calculated yet.

Mrs. Mackie seems to think that as long as the team continues to show up, they will have a good chance of winning more. She did say that she thought that Francis Scott Key (FSK) will be our hardest opponent because they all bowl outside of school. Mrs. Mackie may be scared to go up against FSK, but I’m more concerned to go up against Liberty. They were bowling so many strikes during the last match–they are definitely intimidating.

The students that are on the team are Austin Gardner, Ben Cumby, Declan Wilson, Katy Hartman, Maylin Krieger, Tristan Sell, and last but not least, myself.

Scores are calculated after each team bowls. According to Mrs. Mackie, they are calculated by “finding the average of the average.” Each player’s individual averages are added together then divided by the scores.

The bowling scores will be continuously updated on the main page of Gateway Gazette.