Unity Day: A Day for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion


Lily Proffitt, Staff Reporter

Gateway’s Unity Day is coming up and there are a ton of unifying activities planned for the students. Unity Day helps us build healthier communities and make connections with each other. 

Unity Day is usually held at the beginning of the school year, but since that time of the year is always busy getting back into the groove of the school year, Mrs. Reed decided to have it in March this year. She added, “the celebration or acknowledgment of being united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion should be celebrated all year.”

On Unity Day people usually do activities such as spreading words of kindness to people around them or writing letters with kind words to people they may not know. Unity Day at Gateway is a day we do fun activities such as:

  • Kindness Rocks with Mrs. Murphy & Mrs. Reed: decorate rocks and write kind words on them
  • Beaded Lizard activity with Ms. Murchie & Mr. Herron: create a keychain 
  • Mindfulness with Mrs. Bosley & Mrs. Flagg: help us relax and free our minds
  • How to be Safe & Smart on the Internet with Officer Snedden: information on how to stay safe on the internet and ways to
  • Spider Web activity with Mr. Larrimore & Mr. Banks: see how we are all connected

Mr. Anderson even made staff and students matching t-shirts on the screen printing press. They are going to have green lettering instead of orange, which is normally used to represent unity, but the Climate Committee decided that since we were having Unity Day on St. Patrick’s Day, green would be more fitting. 

We will all be different but we are all different at Gateway anyway, which is a good thing.