Zoo-time Fun


Declan Wilson, Ben Slaterbeck, and Caedon Vincent have a “Maaa-rvelous” time at the zoo.

Nadya Lozano-Gray, Staff Reporter

The latest incentive field trip for levels 4 and 5 students was a trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. This was a wildly popular field trip and not everyone who wanted to go was able to go.

There were all kinds of animals ranging from native Maryland animals to Arctic animals and everything in between.

Upon arriving at the zoo, the group got to see the zookeepers feeding the penguins. There were pelicans and cormorants inside the penguin exhibit as well.

Students visited other exhibits including the flamingos, rhinoceroses, and many more. At one point, the rhinoceroses began to play fight while the group watched. They continued to chase each other around the exhibit even after we left.

Speaking of interesting experiences, has a chimpanzee ever given you the finger? Kaylin Rock was flipped off by a chimpanzee while we watched. It probably wasn’t intentional, but it was still funny. The chimpanzee exhibit was wild, and the chimpanzees screamed and went insane inside of the building. Students took many videos while at the chimpanzee exhibit.

There were two giraffes, who were in separate areas of their containment, one of them was being fed by the zookeepers. The Okapi was very gorgeous and extremely tall. There was a peacock that screamed and caused Megan Park to panic and jump, which scared the rest of our group.

The field trip was fun and everyone truly enjoyed being there.