Gateway helps with mental health

Gateway helps with mental health

Lily Proffitt, Staff Reporter

Mental health is important and there are ways you can help calm down if you’re in school.

Mental and behavioral health are very important things that need to be talked about more. They can affect somebody’s school life and make it hard for them to focus on school work or even socialize with peers. Some issues such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression are just some of the disorders that affect students.

There are many ways that you can help manage these disorders such as physical exercise, avoiding alcohol and other drugs, quitting (or do not start) smoking, making sleep a priority, eating healthy food, learning about your disorder, and trying to talk to people about your disorder. 

Gateway has a lot of ways to help students with their mental health. Unity Day was one of the things that Gateway did to help students with these issues. There were activities to help students understand how to manage stress, be mindful, among other things. Many students at Gateway found these activities to be helpful. 

There is also a room called the mindfulness room. It is a room next to the counselors’ offices. It is a quiet place where students can relax and calm down when they are feeling anxious. And you can always speak to Mrs. Krone or Mr. Larrimore. They help students think of coping strategies that may help them with what they are struggling with and help students calm down and relax.

Gateway is a place where students can be who they are and not be judged. It is also a place where you can focus on your mental health and have people around you who can help you with it.