Be Safe This Summer

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Megan Park, Staff Reporter

Summer will be here before we know it so here are some tips to have a fun and safe summer!

  1. Wear sunscreen. One of the most important things you can do is protect your skin, so wear sunscreen. You should protect your skin from precancers even if you don’t or can’t get sunburn.
  2. Be safe on the road. You might not be able to do anything all summer if you had a broken leg! Drive the speed limit. If you don’t you can increase your risk of vehicle collision. 
  3. Don’t stay outside past the town curfew. Curfew is in place for a reason–to keep you and your friends safe. It could lead to you being abducted, you should stay indoors past curfew because it keeps you safe so you don’t get kidnapped or get hurt.
  4. Don’t drink underage. Drinking underage can disrupt your normal growth, high blood pressure, and sometimes lead to violence. Not drinking underage can make you have better sleep and reduce your risks of depression. So remember to be safe this summer.

Make sure you stay safe this summer by not drinking, not staying out past curfew, driving safe, and wearing sunscreen. These things could save your life.