Art in Ms. Murchie’s Class


Megan Park, Staff Reporter

Recently, Ms. Murchie’s art classes made leaf plates among other things. They made the plates for Earth Day and to experience texture elements of art. 

To start the process of making the plates the art class went outside and collected leaves. They used those leaves and flowers from the woods and also clay. The clay was rolled out and the leaves were pressed down to make an imprint into the clay. Afterward, they cut and then cut out the excess clay around the leaf shape and put them in the kiln to harden. Students painted them and put them back in the kiln to finish the process. Students also created sketches of their hands while waiting for the clay to process.

One of Ms. Murchies’s art students, Devin Black, said his favorite part of the process was going out to the woods and getting the leaves. Devin says art is one of his favorite classes, he also says his favorite thing about art class is having Ms. Murchie as an art teacher.  

The plates will be used to hold jewelry, keys, candy, and more. Even though it’s close to the end of the year, Ms. Murchie is keeping her art students busy.