Corn Toss Mayhem


Lily Proffitt, Staff Reporter

Who ended up winning the county corn toss tournament? It was difficult to tell at the county corn toss tournament exactly who won and what was going on.

The county corn toss tournament was held on May 10, 2023, at Winters Mill High School. Gateway competed against two teams that day: Manchester Valley High School and Century High School.

Gateway lost against Century but won against Manchester Valley; however, that win was not enough for Gateway to win the tournament. The tournament was chaotic, so it was hard to tell what was going on. We didn’t even know who we were competing against until we arrived at the tournament and it felt like we were all just getting in each others’ ways.

The tournament was really more of a gathering with all the corn toss teams.

In the end, Liberty High School ended up winning the tournament because they had the best winning record overall. At the end of all the games, all the participants got pizza and medals.

Hopefully, the next tournament will be more organized.