The Beginning of the End – The Gateway Witch

The Beginning of the End - The Gateway Witch

Caedon Vincent, Staff Reporter

Katherine Edith Wagner (or Edie McCreedy, no one really knows her real name, as she is an urban legend), is commonly referred to as “The Gateway Witch,” and was summoned from within the classroom of Mrs. Flagg.

There, she lay dormant being held back by powerful forces, as a great calamity would befall the school if she were ever to escape the confines of Mrs. Flagg’s classroom.

But nay, she was cunning! She broke free of her imprisonment–those who sacrificed themselves for her resurrection were nothing but burnt corpses–and an ominous message was written on the whiteboard: “The end is near.”

Looking at Gateway, now in ruin, everyone thought there was nothing else that could be done. There was no hope. But a courageous hero, Mr. Herron, stepped forth to oppose her. He battled her, both barely surviving each other’s attacks. It was a fierce and long battle, one that won’t be forgotten for generations to come. With the end of the battle near, Mr. Herron drew his weapon of last resort, his special Ticonderoga pencil, and sealed the Gateway Witch away in a drawing.

But she still lives on… corrupting the minds of the likes of Mr. Herron and students within the school… taking the form of a comic book character instead of the nightmarish creature she once was. Now, she awaits the time when her power has returned to her, to take over the school once again, along with everyone inside it.