Remembering Danielle Tyler


Abby Schaeffer, Staff Reporter

Earlier this year, Danielle Tyler (Dani) was tragically taken from this world before she could live her life. A lot of people knew how talented Dani was, especially when it came to her drawings and creativity. Not only was she creative and talented, but she was determined to succeed and help everyone around her who needed it. Dani was an amazing person and was so caring towards others, even when she was having a rough day herself. 

I have been keeping in touch with her mother, Niki Tyler, nearly everyday since Dani’s disappearance. Dani’s nickname was “Boog” and she didn’t like when her mother called her anything else because it was their special name. Her mother described her as fearless and determined. Dani’s favorite place to go was to Myrtle Beach, as she has always wanted to move there. Tyler said of her daughter, “She was not just my daughter, but she was my best friend. We told each other everything. She loved her family and had their backs no matter what it cost Danielle.”

I have very fond memories of Dani as well. Last year, on her birthday, I bought her a birthday present and brought it to school. After she opened it, she gave me one of the biggest hugs that I have ever received. She was always so sweet to me and always made me laugh when I was sad or having a rough day. 

The staff at Gateway were close to Dani as well. Two people, Mrs. Ricketts and Mrs. Krone were particularly close with her. Both of them described Dani as dedicated and determined to succeed. Mrs. Krone said of her, “Dani was a very serious student. I will remember the soft, caring side of Dani. She truly cared about her family and friends. She was determined to be the first person [in her family] to graduate from college, let alone high school. She was going to use her creative talents in her photography work to make a great life for herself.”

Mrs. Ricketts said nearly the same thing as Mrs. Krone about being a good student, stating, “Dani was very academically capable. She was extremely dedicated when it came to her classes.” Mrs. Ricketts added, “She was definitely NOT a morning person, and when she was mad, she wouldn’t hesitate to let everyone in the building know she was mad and at who or what. She was very self- aware of her own faults, but had a hard time recognizing her strengths. Even though she displayed this tough cookie persona to the world, she had a big, delicate heart on the inside.”

Dani’s Gateway family misses her very much and will always remember the sweet, kind, funny, caring person she was. May she rest in peace.