Racing Through Hybrid With Legos


B. Borden, Staff Reporter

The pandemic has made teachers have to rethink how they teach many of their lessons. Mr. Schilling did just that for one of his lessons for his Advance Design Application (ADA) classes. He wanted to put something tangible in students’ hands and thought that Legos would be the perfect things to use to accomplish this task.

The objective was to make a car using the Legos that can either have a lot of torque or made to go very fast using a combination of gears to move the wheels in different ways. Mr. Schilling said, “We work on energy and power using simple machines, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and they try to do projects to relate to the lesson.”

Mr. Schilling also said that the project was very hard especially for his online students because they could not be in the room for hands-on instruction. Additionally, students couldn’t race them like they wanted to. This project was part of the Energy And Power unit of the ADA curriculum, which has to do with gears and simple machines.