Need Service Learning Hours?


Riece Baldwin, Staff Reporter

In order to graduate high-school in Maryland, every student is required to earn 75 Service Learning hours. Service Learning hours are earned by spending time volunteering without pay for the community or for your school.

Service Learning hours can be earned in school and outside of school. Some examples of in-school service include helping with custodial work (e.g., sweeping, cleaning lunch tables), peer mentoring (which can even be done online), and helping teachers in their classrooms or with technology. Out-of-school hours can be earned by helping out at a retirement community, making face masks, trash pickup, landscape work, and supporting local businesses and food banks. These are just a few examples of how you can earn service learning hours.

During the pandemic, students cannot earn Service Learning hours the way they used to. However, some in-person activities may still remain in effect, just with new guidelines regarding social distancing and wearing masks.

Submit any filled out Service Learning Reflection Forms to the Service Learning Coordinator for Gateway High School/Crossroads Middle, Ms. Murchie, located in room 169, or by email at [email protected].

Please be sure to use your school email account to log your hours. Your service learning hours will not count if you use your personal email. 

Watch this video about Service Learning to understand more!

Visit this page to complete a service learning form: