Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy: A Day of Service


Leo Updike, Staff Reporter

The third Monday in January is reserved to remember the iconic activist known as Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK, Jr.).  He’s most widely known for being assassinated and for his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech that was crucial in playing a role to end racial segregation in America. 

Although segregation has ended, racial and ethnic minorities are still being unjustly targeted. This is why MLK, Jr. Day is so important this year… After all, it is the only federal holiday that is dedicated to service. Things are tense in America, but even one small act of service can make a huge difference.

There’s various ways you can help your community. Right now. 

  • picking up litter
  • supporting local businesses
  • volunteer at a shelter
  • plant native species
  • donate to hospitals, crowd funds, foodbanks, libraries, etc.
  • be kind

Don’t underestimate the last suggestion. Show grace and kindness to others–it could be the biggest difference-maker. It’s crucial that we put out the same energy we’d like to receive. You never know just how much of an impact a simple act of kindness can have on someone. 

MLK, Jr. Day is known as “a day on, not a day off” and is dedicated to remembering the impact of his non-violent protests and how he championed the civil rights movement. Another way to celebrate this day is by taking the time to educate yourself on the Civil Rights Movement, how racism is still present in today’s society, and what actions can you take to fight against racism. The idea of the holiday is to honor Dr. King’s memory by doing as he would’ve done and help the community in any way possible.