Covid-19 Cases Spike Again

Leo Updike, Staff Reporter

Last month, Covid-19 cases in the United States had spiked once again, increasing by 128.2% since early September with an average of over 78,000 cases per day.

Covid-19 is not something to take lightly, as it has taken over 1.25 million lives worldwide. The U.S. has the highest recorded number of Covid-19 deaths and is failing to control the pandemic’s effects. 

The most effective CDC-approved method to avoid contracting this lethal virus is to stay home and wear a mask over your mouth and your nose if you go out in public. Some people claim that wearing a mask makes it harder to breath, but the consequences of not wearing a mask are far worse than the discomfort felt by wearing one. 

The increase in Covid-19 cases is an inevitable consequence of the dangerous negligence of not wearing a mask (and properly). This virus doesn’t come easily, and it especially doesn’t leave easily.

According to the World Health Organization, some recovered patients are left with damaged respiratory symptoms, trauma, headaches, loss of taste and smell, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain. These symptoms can appear in anyone, even if you’re a young high school student in pristine shape with an iron clad immune system. It can even kill you and anyone you may interact with. Additionally, invisible Covid-19 cases where the infected person is asymptomatic, is a silent killer. Someone with asymptomatic Covid-19 may accidentally infect other people due to them being under the impression that they’re healthy.

Covid-19 cases will continue to rise, especially if the country plans to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with family and friends. Before you purchase your plane tickets, consider hosting a family dinner via facetime or skype, and stick to ordering gifts online or sending things through USPS. Make sure you are following CDC guidelines for safety.

The best gift you can give your family this year is the gift of life and health. Don’t let that gift spoil by prioritizing a family tradition that can lead to funerals, panic, and outrageous hospital bills. Be responsible. And remember what Governor Larry Hogan said at a recent press briefing, “Wear the damn masks.”