Farewell (for now) to the Heart and Soul of Gateway/Crossroads

N. Flagg

Today is bittersweet. The last day of school. It’s the day that teachers pack up classrooms and have one last interaction with the children they’ve taught this year. It’s the day that we hope that everyone does, in fact, have a “good summer.”

For some of us, today is a little more bitter than sweet. Recently, we were told that the heartbeat of Gateway/Crossroads, Todd Wargo, has been transferred to another school. The news hit us all pretty hard. There were instant feelings of loss and devastation.

Todd Wargo has been a constant positive presence in the lives of staff and students at Gateway/Crossroads for 10 years and even longer as a teacher and administrator with Carroll County Public Schools. He is dedicated to his role as an administrator, which shows in everything he does and has earned the respect of the students for which he serves. Throughout this time, he has helped us all through many life events without expecting anything in return.

These past few weeks, we tried showing Mr. Wargo what he meant to us by showering him with cards and an absolute ton of food, but there is no way for us to tell him how much he truly meant to us all.

So, as a small token of appreciation and on behalf of the staff here, I’d like to share this very brief message:

Mr. Wargo–

You are a BOSS, a friend, our family–the G.O.A.T.! Thank you, Mr. Wargo, for being the absolute BEST human. We will miss you, but as you know, you can’t shake Gateway–you are always a member of our family and we hope you are able to return back to us soon.