A Colorful Career

A Colorful Career

Ben Slaterbeck, Staff Reporter

A comic book illustrator for twelve years, Bob Herron is now an expert at doodling during class.

His twelve-year comic book career had quite a rough start. The author of the first comic he was drawing had no clue how comics worked, even wanting one guy to do twelve things in a single panel. It was to the point he was told to rewrite everything for the author. The comic was “a superhero comic with no superheroes, an action comic with no action,” Mr. Herron explained. He ended up working on it for two months before finally quitting.

He has done more than just draw for comic books before coming to Gateway. These jobs include working as a marketing representative for a large tech company, a mobile telecommunication company “back when cell phones first became a thing,” and a glass company where he saw a lot of people sustain life-threatening injuries.

His least favorite out of the five jobs is the mobile telecommunication company because “it was like working in the seventh level of Hell.” Mr. Herron’s favorite job is Gateway since he can learn new things and have fun every day he works.

He fits in nicely with the staff and you can find evidence of him scattered around the school in the form of doodles, usually on whiteboards.