Mrs. Naugle: A Life Full of Positivity


Caedon Vincent, Staff Reporter

“I am excited to be back at Gateway!” Mrs. Naugle exclaimed. After a year at Gateway as a guidance counselor, she left to pursue a different opportunity as a pupil personnel worker (PPW). But this year she is back but as our new PPW.

Mrs. Naugle enjoyed her time as a guidance counselor, but she became interested in the role of PPW as working with students, families, and schools really appealed to her. She really enjoys helping others.

Mrs. Naugle has quite an eventful life, between her work and her two kids (Stella and Vince) she has her hands full. When she does have time to herself, she will spend that time prioritizing self-care and doing things she loves like, reading, exercising, hiking, and playing with her two dogs (Stewie and Kylo). 

Mrs. Naugle is very kind and welcoming and likes to know people for who they really are, rather than who they appear to be. When asked if she could go back in time, when, and where would she go? she answered, “I would love to go back in time and spend time with my grandparents when they were growing up in the 1920s and 1930s.” Her desire to know more about her grandparents and how they grew up, shows that she wants to know people more than just what they appear to be on the surface. 

She is also adventurous, intelligent, and is always reading and trying new things, especially foods from different cultures and countries.

Mrs. Naugle has been working at CPPS for more than ten years, and continues to prioritize important things at work, like brainstorming ways to assist students and their families, and communicating with staff about concerns she has for students such as attendance, academic concerns, as well as important things in her personal life.

We are excited to have her back as an advocate for the students and families at Gateway and Crossroads.