A Teacher and a Hero


Kaylin Rock, Staff Reporter

Mike Jones is the new special educator for Crossroads Middle School. He claims that he’s, “not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up,” but he declared that his mantra is “I love helping kids.” With this in mind, this may just be the perfect job for him yet.

As someone who doesn’t know what he wants to do as a career, he has had several interesting jobs.

Mr. Jones’ first job was working for the military (Army). He served for 25 years between active service and the reserves. He was able to see many different places and do many different things.

While he was in the reserves, he began working at the Children’s Guild in Baltimore City with emotionally disturbed kids. He witnessed a very violent act between students. Mr. Jones had to restrain five kids at the same time as a result of the violence. After that, he decided not to go back.

Despite that, he still couldn’t stay away from helping children. After leaving that job, Mr. Jones worked at Westminster High School for 11 years. He taught Social Studies. Now, he works here. In addition to being the special educator at Crossroads, he also teaches night school two nights a week. He teaches Tech. Issues and History. He’s certified in foundations of technology, special education, and math.

Mr. Jones’ teaching abilities were passed down to one of his two daughters. She works as a teacher at Mt. Airy Middle School. His other daughter is a social worker.

In his free time, he likes to do outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. He’s also explored many places in the world. His favorite places were hard to say, but probably Germany or Ireland because they were pretty although he said that the “most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen were the Hindu Kush” which is a mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. His least favorite places were Italy and Greece because he said that they were both dirty and had a lot of violence.

Mr. Jones is an amazing human being, from serving our country to exploring the world and caring for students, he has seen quite a bit. If you ever need anyone to talk to or rely on, Mr. Jones is the person to go to.