Students Participate in a Reenactment in History Class


N. Flagg, Judith Stewart, and Garrett Fowble

To enhance her curriculum, Mrs. Stewart invited a reenactor to help students understand the American Revolution, specifically how the Boston Massacre began.

The reenactor, Ed Kitlowski, came to Mrs. Stewart’s American Revolution Civil War class on Dec. 16 dressed as a Scottish soldier during the American Revolutionary War. Although he does not actually speak with a Scottish accent, he did so as a part of the reenactment to add authenticity to the soldier.

Mr. Kitlowski began by discussing his uniform, how the history of the American Revolution was taught differently abroad, and some of the things that preceded the Boston Massacre. Afterward, students were invited to help reenact what he discussed. They pretended to be colonists and threw snowballs (paper balls) at a redcoat guard (a student volunteer, Maylin Kreiger).

Mrs. Stewart said that the students really enjoyed the experience of participating in the reenactment and also because Mr. Kitlowski had a really great sense of humor. Ben Slaterbeck even gave the whole “performance” a riveting thumbs up!”

Mr. Kitlowski previously worked at Mrs. Stewart’s high school when she was a student and they kept in touch over the years. He is retired now but is a reenactor and is a member of several bagpipe bands, some of which have competed internationally.

This was a fun educational experience that Mrs. Stewart hopes to continue to provide for her students in the future. Special thanks to Ed Kitlowski for taking time out of his day to teach these students about history.