Will Work For Food


B. Borden, Staff Reporter

Do you like free food? Do you like free food delivered straight to your home? If so, this incentive is perfect for you!

Every Friday, two lucky students will have a chance to receive a “DoorDash” lunch delivered personally to their homes by the school’s PPW, Mrs. Snyder. Teachers get to nominate students for good attendance, showing good effort in their work, excellent participation, doing more than what is expected, or overall being a great student. When someone wins, they get to choose something to order from their favorite fast food restaurant for them to enjoy! Congratulations to the incentive winners so far!

  • Week 2: Bri Primo and Emma Arbaugh
  • Week 3: Joanna Lippy and Titus Meushaw
  • Week 4: Bryce Lucas and Maddie Huddleston
  • Week 5: Gloria Walker-Hoover and Alexx Vickers
  • Week 6: Hailey Barnes
  • Week 7: Donovan Proctor
  • Week 8: Mary Ripper and Roman Hindle
  • Week 9: no winners
  • Week 10: Riece Baldwin and Salice Sraver
  • Week 11: Joanna Lippy, Skylar Eckard, and Katie Schaeffer
  • Week 12: no winners (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Week 13: no winners
  • Week 14: TBD
  • Week 15: Jyasia Gaines and Tyler Mewshaw
  • Week 16: Winter Break
  • Week 17: Sakura Dash and Roman Hindle
  • Week 18: Kyle Claggett, Brandon Roark, and Salice Sraver
  • Week 19: Kyle Claggett
  • Week 20: TBD
Gateway student, Bri Primo, displays her free lunch incentive.
Crossroads student, Emma Arbaugh, displays her free lunch incentive.