What’s Hot Right Now? A Cute Game About Space Crimes

Covid-19 has challenged gamers and non-gamers alike to find creative ways to spend time together. The popularity of this game has proven that if there is a will there is a way, to socialize, that is.


Screen Capture of “Among Us”

Leo Updike, Staff Reporter

“Among Us” has taken the internet by storm, charming anyone from young kids to middle aged gamers with its loveable customizable spacemen  and its brutal murder mystery theme. The game “Among Us” puts you and up to nine other players (in iOS or PC) in one of three unearthly locations so you can perform research and maintenance related tasks. 

However, you  may find some corpses of your crewmates laying about. One to three  of your nine crewmates are actually imposters. It’s your job to collaborate with the rest of your surviving team to find out who the imposter is and eject them from the ship. Qu

Originally, “Among Us” was supposed to have a sequel. However, because the first game of “Among Us” was so popular, a second game was cancelled to update the first one. InnerSloth, the game developer, said they can only do so  many updates with the outdated code. The update’s release date has yet to be decided.