Kicking Off the New School Year!


Kay Pahl, Staff Reporter

The staff handed an overly confident group of students a loss during the first incentive kickball game of the school year.

Students who obtained level 2 by game time were given the opportunity to be able to attempt to tarnish the staff’s winning record. Unfortunately, the students were unable to deliver the staff a loss with the score concluded 10-4, relinquishing a shocking loss to these once presumptuous students. 

Originally scheduled for Sept. 24, the game had to be postponed to Oct.1. due to excessive rain the day before. However, this did not deter students from the anticipation of a possible win. To make time for this incentive we had a modified activity schedule allowing for an hour of game time.

With a slow start, teachers were able to get a lead on the students. Mr. Larrimore was so serious about winning that he brought his cleats (yet still ended up slipping once at 1st base). There were fewer teachers than students giving our staff a good advantage; however, students failed to properly strategize due to their magnitude.

Despite the loss, two students in particular shined through with their athletic skills. Conner Yaede with his unmatched kick and motivational spirit inspired the team’s will to win. The student team also had Glen Hamm who had a steady 3-interception strike-out, catching more balls than anyone out there. Although students had to accept a rather troublesome defeat, the kickball game still rings true as a fan favorite every year.

Not only do incentives (such as the kickball game) and the behavior report (BR) system encourage students to succeed, it is also a great tool for teachers to help guide them in the right direction. Upon entering the program, students are introduced to the BR system that includes levels and incentives that correlate with those levels. A student can reach each level by having favorable attendance and showing satisfactory participation in class. This is tracked through a point system with 20 as the highest total for each teacher. 

This tool is how Gateway is able to offer fun, while still motivating students to want to succeed. These incentives, like the kickball game, to students, are rewards for the good behaviors students are expected to present. For level 4 and 5 students, the next incentive is a little more spooky. Now that October has rolled around, expect to get lost amongst the a-MAZE-ing corn.